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Macs Publishing was established in 1985 producing Brochures & Magazines for the Retail Sector. In the late 80’s we were approached by a number of Real Estate Agents for the need of a Real Estate publication covering the greater Brisbane area. In June of 89’ with the assistance of those same Real Estate Agents we published the very first “Brisbane & Regional Property Guide” with advertisers from Beenleigh in the South of Brisbane & as far as Kingaroy and Bundaberg in the north of South East Queensland. The publication was the only Real Estate Publication that was Industry related that covered such a vast area.

As the regions of South East Queensland grew so did the magazine. Eg Sunshine Coast Region, Gold Coast Region, Ipswich and all the surrounding Valleys, including the Brisbane’s Suburbs North, South, East and West. We were experiencing a mini boom.

The demand for South East Queensland properties was exceptionally strong in the early 90's, not only from Locals, but also consumers from all over Australia wanting Queensland's relaxed lifestyle.

Home Buyers and Investors were selecting particular areas of South East Queensland be it North of Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast or South to the Gold Coast or even West to Ipswich and the Valley's to Toowoomba and of course the Picturesque Moreton Bay Region.

With the demand now focusing on particular locations, a decision was made to produce Local Identity Property Magazines for each of the regions. In 1991 we published the first Local Publication, Ipswich & Valleys Property Guide, followed by the Sunshine Coast Property Guide and then the Gold Coast Property Guide.

Consumer demand for magazines & hard copy Real Estate literature has always been strong & still is today, we would produce over 116,000 flyers & magazines a month covering SE Qld.. Consumers will always pick up hard copy that is FREE, especially to do with Real Estate.

Macs Publishing along with a group of Real Estate Agents and Developers pioneered Queensland’s very first independent General Advertiser specialising in the Real Estate Industry.

Over the years the publications had experienced a number of title changes (Re-Branding) to suit the consumer market, identifying the need for location & local product content. Consumers were now selecting specific regions/locations they wished to reside or to invest.

The magazines give that choice, either an affordable block of land to build on or the decision to buy an established Home in a region of their choosing.

  1. Ipswich Living - Homes & Land Pictorial
  2. Sunshine Coast Living - Homes & Land Pictorial
  3. Gold Coast Living - Homes & Land Pictorial
  4. Bayside Living - Homes & Land Pictorial
  5. Bayside Living - Homes Pictorial

Since the rapid development of the internet in the late 90’s, analysts claim that the demand for print media would decline particularly that of newspaper, which is quite evident today. However the demand for Specialised Print Media such as Real Estate magazines are still in hot demand by consumers especially in locations where the consumer can acquire a copy of a Local Homes & Land Pictorial property magazine when they frequent their favourite Shopping Centre, Supermarket or Servo Etc: Etc: or on the occasion when they visit your Real Estate Office displaying the magazine.

The publications will generate a direct or indirect response. When the consumer sees a Home or Land they are interested in they will 1) Phone direct for more details. 2) Most likely go direct to your web site, look up the property for more images & info then email should they be interested, on the other hand they may check out other properties you have on your web site.
Did you know, the original source of an internet enquiry can come from Hard Copy.

Macs Publishing would like to acknowledge and thank our early and present day advertisers.

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